There’s A Place Called Love

There’s A Place/An Atmosphere/An Intention Called Love/Amour/Liebe/Liefde/Leafde/Amor/Maite/Dashuri/Obicham/Agápi/Szerelem/Aloha/Salang/Tresna Or However You Call It In Your Language And In This Place It Doesn’t Matter If you Are Black, Yellow, White, Brown, Lesbian, Gay, Transseksual , Hetero, Muslim, Christian, Humanist, Atheist, Rich, Poor, Sick, Healthy, Unemployed, Homeless, Refugee, Republikan, Monarchist or Whatever You Are, As Long As You Accept Love And You Love To Love And To Be Loved.

There Is Also A Place/An Atmosphere/An Intention Called Hatred/Sengit/Urrej/Gorroto/Hèn/Zonda Or However You Call Hatred In Your Language And In This Place It Does Matter What You Are, What Colour You Have, How Rich You Are, What You Believe And Where You Live. Here People Love To Hate And Hate To Love…

Where Do You Want To Be Or Go?


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