Words of John Lennon

“I have found on my travels that every race thinks it’s superior to every other: the same with class.”

“I made myself  what I am today. Good and bad. The responsibility is mine only.”

“I don’t intend to waste energy and time in an effort to become anonymous. That’s as dumb as becoming famous in the first place.”

“The US-government decided Yoko and I were too dangerous  to have around in a hotel bed, talking about peace. So, no Bed-In on Broadway. We took the act to Montreal.”

“Life doesn’t imitate art. Life IS art. That’s what confuses so many up-and comings: they are too busy being artists to live.”

“If bringing up a child isn’t work, what is?”

“The thing that bothered most of our revolutionary brothers was the fact Yoko and I weren’t  AGAINST anything, just FOR things, like peace and love and all that naïve crap. They made us feel guilty about not hating everyone who wasn’t poor.”

“You can’t paint a picture on dirty paper. You need a clean sheet. It’s all about emptying the mind.”

“Being a Beatle nearly cost me my life.”

“The Light is the Truth. All any of us are trying to do is precisely that: Turn on the light. All the better you see with it, my dear.”

“The so called Christians are so busy with condemning themselves and others, or preaching at people, or worse, still killing for Christ. None of them understanding or at least trying to behave like a Christ. It seems to me that the only true  Christians are the Gnostics who believe in self-knowledge, becoming Christ themselves, reaching the Christ within.”

“I include myself  and my generation so called drug-abuse. Self-abuse would be a more apt expression. It were just efforts  to break out of the straightjacket of our own minds.”



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