She thinks

She thinks she’s God’s gift to (married) men. She is a homewrecker.

She thinks she has seen the light and must enlighten everyone.

She thinks she IS the light.

She thinks everybody’s misery is a copy of her misery.

She thinks her solutions are everybody’s help.

She thinks her way must be everyone’s way.

She thinks she knows more about you than yourself and the ones who really know you.

She thinks you just have to follow her (rules) and you will be cured.

She thinks she has won when she still is losing her mind (and confidence).

She thinks that what she feels and believes, is what we should think about as The Truth.

She thinks she has the power when she has no strength at all (left).

She thinks you can’t live and survive without her (help).

She thinks she’s strong, but she is so weak!

She thinks nobody can hurt her, but she is so easily hurt!

She thinks she is wonderful while she is so awful!

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