Talking with the dead

George Michael: “I didn’t die, I escaped. Heaven is an escape-room for me.”

John Lennon: “I was murdered, but I wasn’t killed. Say Julian I am sorry…”

God: “I admit: I created a messy miracle. But Possible was my father and Impossible my mother, and I am a product of both. I am so sorry for trying without overseeing the consequences.”

Jesus Christ: “I won’t make a come-back, I retired already.”

Michael Jackson: “I was too great for such a tiny life.”

J.F. Kennedy: “I was a politician nor a Democrate, I was only human.”

George Harrison: “I miss playing my guitar. The air guitar isn’t doing it for me.”

Muhammad Ali: “Allah has chosen me as his chief-bodyguard.”

Johan Cruijff: “Sorry, I am busy explaning to God how heaven can improve.”

Abraham Lincoln: “Nowadays mankind is the slave of money. You all downstairs have to stop this slavery too.”

George Best: “Louis van Gaal is the best coach I have never had.”

Freddie Mercury: “I am the biggest star among the stars and I am having a good time here too. Fucking and singing are still running through my vains.”

Wubbo Ockels, Dutch astronaut: “Give Mother Earth a green card, and some oxygen please.”

Lady Di: “I feel less alone now my greatest love of all, George Michael, has joined the club. Say hi to my boys.”

Marilyn Monroe: “It took me a lifetime in heaven to find myself again. I was a product, but I must admit: a damned good selling product.”

David Bowie: “I feel at home here above. I have always been someone of outer space.”

Marvin Gaye: “My father made me and destroyed me. But now he is living like I I used to. You always are or become the one you disapprove and judge the most.”

Martin Luther King: “It still hasn’t changed: the ones who ‘fight’ for justice and piece get killed…”

Nelson Mandela: “There are not enough heroes among the people. Too many people are not brave and wise and strong. When their leader dies, the spirit dies…”

Napoleon: “I can’t stand that song of that Swedish group ABBA… It is called ‘Waterloo’!”

Freud: “Jesus Christ is following my therapy now and his dreams are telling him that dreams are not for real.”

Plato: “I think people still refuse to think properly. They talk and do too much and analyse too little. But you can’t expect from a bad or dumb person to have good or wise thoughts…Most people are beneath the line…”

© Roland Danckaert, the writing artist.


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