Good people have to take action

Some people believe in the soft approach. To be kind and gentle to terrible people like Donald Trump, the slaughter of Mother Earth. Isn’t it ironic that in the land of the native indians – who respect(ed) Nature the most but who where conquered by the white men – now a white man is president who respects Nature the worst and the less?

But life is full of bad jokes. Mankind is one of them.

I don’t believe in ‘dear mister president, I respect you so much and I see that you love your country so much and you want the best for the Americans, but would you be so kind to think twice and twitter less’?

I believe in the wise and good people working together, fight with each other and taking the power. But that’s difficult when lunatic-voters elect lunatic presidents. What’s the grace of democracy then?!

I don’t believe in the soft approach, in respecting the dumb and bad people. I believe in taking action. I still believe in Flower Power but then without the drugs and the cheap sex.

I believe in Trump last and wisdom and humanity first…

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