Rutte ontmoet Trump

Op 2 juli brengt premier Rutte een bezoek aan Het Witte Huis voor een ontmoeting met de Amerikaanse president Donald Trump die net als Rutte eigenlijk vrijgezel is aangezien Melaatsia haar man – die nooit een harttransplantatie kan ondergaan, maar alleen maar een hart-implantatie kan krijgen – eigenlijk haat, omdat hij met haar net zo leuk omspringt als met de illegalen.

Zo zal de ontmoeting ongeveer verlopen:

Trump: “Hi Mark. How are things in Africa? Isn’t Holland an African island?”

Rutte: “No, we are the most successful small cunttree  in Yourop.”

Trump: “On Youtube you mean? Great! Remember one thing as prime-minister of your country: America first! You have to do everything in the interest of The White House. Or I will treat you as a black sheep. And I don’t love animals. I love animals as much as I love immigrants.”

Rutte: ‘Of cors, of cors, mister president.”

Trump: “Just call me Boss.”

Rutte: “Okay. Boss.”

Trump: “Cheesecake?”

Rutte: “I prefur sjies on bread or toast. Do you know our faymus Golda sjies? And we have a faymus sjiesmarket in Elkbut. And I must say: Douwe Egberts is a better coffie than Starbucks, although Starbucks is so good for the employment in ouwer cunttree that Starbucks can work taxfree in our bjoetiful cunttree.”

Trump: “Spare me the hogwash, you sleezy little coffeeshop-president. Where are the women of The Wallen? Didn’t you bring them with you? Are these ecological wooden shoes the only present you have for me?!”

Rutte: “I have a phobia of women, Boss. Only for my mum I am not afraid.”

Trump: “My mum is the only one who isn’t afraid of me. Because she is dead. She died in 2000.”

Rutte: “I am sorry to hier that.”

Trump: “Don’t worry, I just love my money and my dollars never die, Marky! Sorry, I don’t have more time for you, pussy. I wish you a pleasant flight back to your Little Tower.”

Rutte: “It was so nice to meat you, Boss! Now I am wurruldfaymus! This was my most important political meating ever.”

Trump: “Security, take that man out of my offence. He annoys me. He says he is a politician, but he is just a boneless cheesemaker. And he is blowjobbing me without my permission. And he is penetrating my ass with the Dutch flag.”








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