The battlefield of love

She told you it’s over

Not knowing why

but she had to end it

Leaving you in the dark

No words for further explanation

Instead of that a goodbye-present

And people say it’s for the best

On the long run it will turn out

she would have turned you upside down

and there will be someone better

But you are attached to that woman

The only thing that can heal you

is the cure of her coming back

Her silence is deafening

Time only filled with memories,

beautiful and painful

Even in your dreams you mourn

And the grief wakes you up

to stay the whole empty day

The emptiness fills your soul


She told you it’s over

That maybe friendship is an option

But when the love has gone

and both of you go your own way

friendship is a dead end

Time can heal the wounds,

but like Mister John Lennon said:

Time wounds all heels

It’s both true…


Happiness is around the corner

There were the accidents are waiting.

© Roland Danckaert

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